Lead Generation Guide for Agencies

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Lead Generation Guide for Agencies

What is a lead?

A lead is a business/person who has contacted you through our marketing service. This contact is considered a lead only when they interested in your service, know who you are, where you are located and your approximate price bracket.

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Qualified Lead To Your Client

A qualified lead is a phone call or email inquiry generated by you exclusively for your client that has the following criteria.
1. They are looking for or are currently interested in the service/product that you offer.
2. That they know who you are and they understand that you provide the service they are looking for.
2. They know what your pricing level is (luxury, mid-range or economical).
3. They know where your business is located and what is your coverage area.

Qualified Lead To You as lead Generator

1. They are from your target categories, target geo market and target company size.
2. They are actively/currently looking for lead generation or marketing services for their business.
3. That they have at least a budget of your minimum requirements per month for this marketing.
4. That they know who you are, where are you located and some of the past work that you have done.
5. That you have internaly discussed with your Strategy department about the number of leads that you can do for the client.
6. That you have live presented the proposal as you discussed.

What are the primary channels that can be used for lead generation?

You can use five primary marketing channels.

  1. Pay Per Click (Google)
  2. Display Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and others)
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Re-targeting and Remarketing
  5. Direct approach/Cold Contact

When your client asks “how will you do it?” 

Every business is different, business owners always have an idea of how marketing agencies should do their work and then they blame the bad results on the marketing company. You should  guarantee results. You should not take any direction or comments from the business that you are dealing with to do our job. They need leads, You will get them the qualified leads – if you have to buy a billboard on sheikh zayed road or put your ads all over the internet, just  do it. Its you job, not your concern.

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