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Codiffy is a leading Web Development company 100% focused on WordPress development. A team of dedicated professionals, ready to do whatever it takes to make your business grow. In our team, we have geeks, engineers, computer scientists, designers, UI/UX experts, Web specialists, consultants, and experts in Online Marketing. It is because of our versatile team that we deliver a complete solution from design and development to maintenance and promotion. At every step, we keep quality as our priority which makes us excel in contriving web pages, web apps, and web designs that efficiently cater to the purpose of the business while being eye-catching, captivating, and attractive. We make web projects 100% adaptable to all modern browsers, ready to be viewed on any device guaranteeing the highest quality.


Designing is the skill that defines us. We design everything with a creative approach, utmost zeal and great concern, making it comprehensible for users. While designing, we always strive to attain the peak of design perfection that not only appeals but, does the magic too. When it comes to designing, we offer Concept Design, Logos, Vectors, Illustrators, Information Design and everything else you can think of!

Logo Design

A logo is the face of a corporate; knowing this, we offer professional design of customized and exclusive logos. Get a quality image for your company at the best price and with a very competitive price.

Website Design

Having a user friendly web design guarantees a workable website and success to your business. It is the first step of having a great website. We create Website designs for all tastes and for all budgets.

Theme Design

Do you want to sell a Website theme online for WordPress and Magento? You are at the right place. Our experienced professionals have published many successful themes on platforms like Themeforest and Envato.


We build state of the art solutions for your technological problems. We know that the current software development needs are huge and the class of technologies, broad and evolving.  Our competitive advantage lies in our technical knowledge, continuous recycling, our willingness to tackle new challenges and good industry practices applied to the new paradigm of software development. Do not be fooled, current software projects have nothing to do with the ones made a few years ago. Each entity has its own needs. We develop a product tailored for your company.


Are you looking for a web pages or web app adapted to mobile and optimized for search engines using WordPress? We build eye catching and 100% responsive designs.


We create and manage tailored e-commerce solutions using Woocommerce to ensure that your e-commerce is integrated to your business model and other sales channels effectively.

Custom Ecommerce Solution

Ecommerce solutions sell anywhere and at any time. People love to buy more over the Internet; so, do not stay behind. We develop solutions for you that turn your site into a real moneymaking machine.

Custom web Apps

What is beyond a perfect presentation of a website? It is a Web App! We specialize in developing custom applications on web technologies and offer you everything you need; from content management systems to the intranet and management tools.

Custom Plugin Development

Don’t have your needed features in your already built site? Add a custom plugin and get things going. We develop custom plugins for your eCommerce store and websites to extend the flexibility and scalability of the platform.

Custom Themes

We develop customized themes adapted to the specific needs of each company; be it for a system, web page, or web app for WordPress and Magento.

APi Integration

Do you wish to enhance performance of your web project by connecting it to other platforms such as social networks? We do it for you and offer API integration services for all platforms.

3rd party Addons

3rd party addons are a great way to extend functionality of your Web project. We use addons such as WPML, gravity form, and BuddyPress to improvise your website.


Web pages like any other software need maintenance like the rest of your company. Every day it is more common for companies to offer their services or products using a web page since it is the fastest and most direct means of contacting their potential customers. Companies usually think that the project of their online business ends once their website is published, something that is wrong, because it is at that time when it starts. Either for the maintenance of the page itself or for the need to perform online marketing work. We take care of maintaining your website at several levels: modification and editing of contents, optimization of technical parameters, execution of marketing plans and analysis of results.

Website Optimization

Do you have issues with your website performance? Does it take too long to load? Worry not. Our Web Optimization Experts at Codiffy will analyze all elements of your website and optimize them to maintain optimal loading speed on your website.

Regular Maintenance

We will be with you as long as your site needs the new functionalities or the solutions of the possible failures, as well as of the problems that can arise.


After the development and publication of the project, we help you give new updates to your website related to Plugin, Website’s core updates, Security Updates, Version and Theme updates etc. We do it on a monthly basis and ensure that your site stays up 24/7.


Do you want to secure your website against attacks from third parties that may damage or even erase your data? We help you in that too, and at the same time, we prevent incidents before they occur.

24/7 Support

With a 30 minute SLA, our technical team stays on its toes 24/7 to provide our clients with functional support, bug fixing, updates and system support.


Digital Marketing is the way to success. This is not just a statement, rather a tip for all business owners as it’s no good having an excellent product if you are not able to reach your audience to make it known. We know it, hence, offer digital marketing services so that your projects achieve their goal and globalization with good results. If you have a website, we get you visitors. If you have an online store, we help you sell products. If you have a portal, we get you reservations. If you have a mobile app, we get it downloaded.


Search Engine Optimization – SEO is the need of the hour. We audit your website and design for you a comprehensive, personalized and tailored web positioning strategy to increase the performance of your online business.

Social Media Marketing

We have found that link building on social networks works. We offer you the possibility to bring your business to social networks through global plans that range from strategy to dynamization.

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We offer the best digital solution to any technological project taking into account its scope, size, tools or environment. Let’s sit down and have a coffee, you can trust that we will give you the best result.

Custom Plugins

We have built state of the art plugins that are signs of our esteemed effort. Here is a glimpse of our remarkable products:

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