Apex Outdoor Rewards


ApexOutdoor Rewards is a unique and innovative website that is specifically designed for hunters who want to earn cash rewards for their hunts.  Team apex reached out to us and they wanted us to build a platform that would allow people to purchase hunting accessories like cameras, measuring tapes, and entry to the competition with the chance to win cash rewards. The platform we built allowed customers to browse and purchase hunting cameras, and then enter a competition that was set to run for the duration of the hunting season. Participants in the competition would be required to submit photos and videos captured with their hunting camera, showcasing their hunting experiences. At the end of the season, the photos and videos would be judged, and the top-performing participants would be rewarded with cash prizes. This platform offered a unique opportunity for hunters to showcase their skills and experiences while earning cash rewards. The customer was thrilled with the platform we created, as it met their needs perfectly and provided an exciting new way for hunters to compete and be rewarded for their hunting skills.

Apex Outdoor Rewards

Discovery, Research on huting industry, Ecommerce Development, Score Submitting process, Seasons, Integrations with SandGrid and Twillio and alot more.

We were requested to develop a method to gather scores from hunters, along with additional information such as their hunting license number. The primary difficulty was designing an efficient calculator that would automatically compute the final score when hunters enter the antler length, among other details. Our team successfully overcame this challenge and developed a streamlined process that provides hunters with a final score for their hunting performance.

Apex Outdoor Rewards

Thanks to their expertise, our dream of simplifying deer hunting calculations became a reality. Their specially crafted calculator transformed our platform, making it user-friendly and precise. A game-changer for our community, we couldn't be happier with the exceptional support and innovation they brought to our project!

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Our team closely collaborated with the client to develop a custom shop page that offers an engaging design and an unparalleled shopping experience. The custom shop page includes multiple conditions that enable customers to filter products based on specific criteria, such as identifying if the customer is a first-timer and checking the harvest limit on purchases. The visually appealing design of the page showcases large product images and comprehensive descriptions to enhance the browsing experience. Additionally, the custom shop page features a shopping cart, a wishlist, and a secure checkout process that streamlines the purchasing process. The custom shop page has garnered favorable feedback from the client and their customers, and we take pride in delivering a solution that helps them stand out in their industry.

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Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend Codiffy for their professionalism, technical prowess, and dedication to client satisfaction. Their involvement was instrumental in bringing apexoutdoorrewards.com to life, and I am confident that their services would be an asset to any development project. Thank you, Codiffy, for your exemplary support.



The global color palette of the Apex Outdoor Rewards website has been meticulously curated to evoke a sense of adventure and connection with nature. Dominated by earthy tones such as deep greens and rustic browns, the color scheme mirrors the outdoor experience and the thrill of hunting. Accents of vibrant blues and energetic oranges add a dynamic touch, symbolizing the excitement and rewards that the platform offers. This thoughtful blend of colors not only enhances the visual appeal but also aligns seamlessly with the brand's identity, creating a cohesive and immersive online environment for users passionate about outdoor pursuits.


Codiffy,successfully transformed the homepage of apexoutdoorrewards.com for Apex Outdoor Rewards. The revamped design boasts an eye-catching allure, captivating visitors from the moment they arrive. The standout feature is a specialized calculator meticulously designed for hunters. This innovative tool empowers users to forecast potential payouts even before participating in competitions. This not only adds an element of transparency but also streamlines the decision-making process for hunters. Moreover, Codiffy went beyond the ordinary by incorporating dedicated sections illustrating how the users' results would appear on the leaderboards post-win. This strategic addition not only fosters engagement but also provides a visual representation of success, enhancing the overall user experience. In summary, Codiffy's expertise not only breathed new life into the aesthetics of Apex Outdoor Rewards' homepage but also introduced functional elements that significantly elevate user interaction and satisfaction. The result is a dynamic and user-centric platform poised to leave a lasting impression on hunters and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Apex Outdoor Rewards Apex Outdoor Rewards

Product Detail Page

The Apex team envisioned a distinctive shopping experience, prompting the creation of a specialized shop page on their website. Each product listing boasts a unique slider feature, allowing hunters to explore multiple images showcasing the product from various angles. To enhance user convenience, customized dropdown options have been integrated, enabling hunters to effortlessly purchase competition entries. Notably, the dropdowns also incorporate state-specific variations, offering a tailored experience based on geographic locations. This innovative approach not only adds a layer of interactivity but also reflects the team's commitment to providing hunters with a seamless and personalized shopping journey.

Apex Outdoor Rewards Apex Outdoor Rewards

Customized Email templates & SMS integration

Codiffy's expertise extended beyond website development for Apex Outdoor Rewards, encompassing the creation of custom-designed emails and seamless SMS integration. Tailoring each email to reflect the brand's identity, Codiffy ensured a visually cohesive communication strategy. The integration of SMS functionality added an additional layer of engagement, enabling Apex to connect with users in real-time. This comprehensive approach not only elevates the overall user experience but also solidifies Apex Outdoor Rewards' presence by extending a personalized and visually appealing communication platform.

Apex Outdoor Rewards Apex Outdoor Rewards